Iceland luxury Conference 2018 – A RARITY IN A WORLD OF PLENTY

The luxury traveler seeks out new experiences and real connections in the places he visits. This was highlighted in an event on High End and Luxury Tourism at a conference held at the Hilton Reykjavik Nordica, Wednesday January 17th. The conference, organised by Iceland Luxury, outlined the challenges, opportunities and latest trends and offerings in luxury tourism.

Thorsteinn Örn Gudmundsson, Managing Director of Iceland Luxury, the first speaker of the day answered the question, how – Simplicity – Mindfulness and Transformative Travel makes Iceland the natural choice for the luxury traveler.

Stuart Foster, Vice President of Global Marketing for Hilton. Guided us through what creates Brand Love and loyalty and introduced the new Konsúlat Hotel, the first hotel in Hilton Curio collection to open in Iceland.

Grímur Saemundssen, CEO of Blue Lagoon introduced the The Retreat at Blue Lagoon. The new property opening spring 2018 will include suites that will enhance the experience, Spa that is carved into an 800 year old lava flow and Moss resaurant that will offer diverse delights of Icelandic cuisine.

Daniel Svavarsson, Chief Economist for Landsbankinn introduced –The Gravity of Economics; interaction between price and demand in tourism.

Asta Olafsdottir, Sales and Marketing director for Nine Worlds and Sigurdur Olafsson Managing Director for Discover Truenorth gave us insight in to „who the guest is“ and how the demand and increase in luxury tourism created the Bespoke DMC travel in iceland.

Closing the event were five micro-presentation on new and interesting developments, services and properties specializing in the Luxury travel sector.

Ninna Haflidadottir, Director of Marketing at Iceland Luxury, introduced the events participants