Nordic Wonder

When it comes to making an important decision in life, Icelanders are most likely to look within, before seeking expert advice, drafting a pro and con list, or any other logistical reasoning. If the answer we seek isn’t subconsciously clear, we might look to a medium, fortuneteller or friend whose intuition is exceptionally strong and deep.

Intuition plays a big role in our daily lives and in the directions we go, whether it’s buying, building, or decorating a new home, uniting a new partnership, or separating with a loved one. Intuition or innsæi, is our main muscle in deconstructing and creating. We believe that seeing inside or listening to the sea within (the meaning of innsæi), guides us to the ideal choice.

Intuition is always there for everyone, scanning the situation, steering us the right way. Unfortunately we’re not always able to sense that gut feeling, as the outer clutter and noise overrides the inner messaging.  

Though being mindful is, in a way, common sense (simply encouraging simplicity), it’s gotten lost in translation by us always being within a hand’s reach of a smartphone, with eyes locked on screens for the majority of our waking hours. Fortunately, the awareness of being blocked from our own inner-ness is driving people toward mindful lifestyle choices, begging for silence and a connection with nature.

Not that Icelanders have mastered mindfulness and being in the moment at all times. We do have busy lives with our jobs, children, and social commitments, but we actively take the time to connect with each other and nature. We spend time in water all year round, whether it’s in springs or pools.

Families gather for an evening swim after dinner, bringing pajamas for their little ones to prepare them to go straight to bed after connecting with water. This subconsciously awakens the feeling of the womb of the sea, mindfully increasing overall well-being and quality of sleep.

It’s not a big stretch for Icelanders to connect with nature in our daily lives. We’re always in touch with nature, so to speak. We commute between places and are granted mountain views, surrounded by the ocean and endless moss-covered lava.

Paying attention and listening deeply to each other and ourselves is an underrated trait. Paying attention to signs, sounds, smells and tastes naturally increases our well-being. Spending time in natural water, like the heavenly Blue Lagoon, simply increases the quality of life and of our life expectancy.

With the new irresistible upgrade to the Blue Lagoon, mindful and conscious lovers of life are flocking to the Nordic wonders. Taking it to the next level is the new Retreat, bringing nature into guest suites, cutting into lava to house the unparalleled underground spa, and recreating pure Icelandic culinary offerings – all surrounded by the powerful geothermal seawater. Guests are embracing the beauty in each moment, completely rejuvenating themselves, letting go of negative emotions with the support of television-free guest rooms, and inviting intuition to flourish.