Peaceful VIKINGS

Once again Iceland tops the safety index. Our tranquil little Nordic country is the most peaceful nation on earth. With all our hot springs, natural pools and landscape wonders it’s not that surprising that we are a peaceful nation and being number one is never a problem for us. In fact, we pride ourselves for any per capita wins – including our Coca Cola drinking, which we might need to reconsider.

The Global Peace Index ranks nations based on domestic and international conflicts. Iceland is a military free country and the only NATO member without a standing army. Iceland has the lowest crime rate per capita and scores the lowest points for homicides and terror acts, as well as number of people in jail. Additional positive aspect: Iceland being an island means border disputes aren’t prevalent.

Being a peaceful and safe nation, we let our babies sleep outside during daytime naps. Seeing a bundled up baby sleeping in a pram outside a shop unsupervised isn’t an uncommon scene in Reykjavik and throughout the country. This tradition goes way back and continues to awe visitors, but for us this is just a part of our daily lives.

What makes us so peaceful might have something to do with our progressive offerings such as health care, free education, geothermal energy, legalized gay marriage and our latest proud factor of being the first country in the world to end gender pay gaps. Our roughly 320,000 citizens have a lot to be thankful for, which keeps aggressiveness low and happiness high.