The Retreat at Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon Iceland celebrates the completion of a significant expansion with the highly anticipated opening of the Retreat at Blue Lagoon Iceland. Featuring the subterranean Retreat Spa, geothermal Retreat Lagoon, 62-suite Retreat Hotel, and Moss Restaurant, the Retreat is a place where guests can leave the world behind and enter a timeless realm of relaxation, rejuvenation, and exploration.


At the Retreat, guests are welcomed by their individual hosts as if they were family. For the duration of the guests’ stay, the host serves as a guide and attendant—instilling a sense of belonging. Whether managing itineraries, confirming tour bookings, providing insight to local culture, or informing guests of the imminent arrival of the Northern Lights, Retreat hosts provide personalized service, creating the optimal conditions for unparalleled relaxation.

This intimate approach to hospitality is also showcased each afternoon in the Lounge by honoring an Icelandic tradition—afternoon coffee. A ritual that occupies a place in the hearts of Icelanders, afternoon coffee evokes a familial feeling with lively conversation and freshly baked goods.


In addition to access to the entire Blue Lagoon facility, guests of the Retreat are invited to take yoga each morning. The Retreat also provides guided hikes, allowing guests to explore the striking geological features of Blue Lagoon’s volcanic surroundings.

The Retreat can also arrange a wide array of private excursions including tours of the stunning volcanic phenomena of the Reykjanes Peninsula; experiencing Iceland from the sky in a private helicopter; riding an ATV across black sand beaches, hiking sprawling lava fields, and extinct volcanoes.

The Retreat Hotel