Sustainable Luxury

There are many paths we can take to practice sustainability. Somehow ethics and nature consciousness go hand in hand to Icelanders. Protecting our nature is in our DNA mainly due to the magnificent landscape we were blessed with. We’re endlessly proud of the beauty that surrounds us and we simply like to keep it that way. Before there was an awareness of and conversations about limiting footprints, Icelanders approached certain sustainable practices subconsciously by the love for our crisp air and pure nature.

Our love for nature also strongly shows up in our cuisine via local ingredients. This is an additional attribute to our little Nordic home as a highly desirable location for travelers from all over the world. We welcome travelers both seeking new adventures, as well as those who keep coming back for more. With an increase in tourism we have to be extra vigilant about sustainability, continuatively searching new ways to limit waste and protect our nature. The future of our island and the future of our hospitality industry must align and it’s important to extend that awareness to our visitors and inspire them to make green choices while visiting our homeland.

For Icelandair Group sustainability is certainly on the forefront, so much that Icelandair Hotels were awarded Environmental Company for 2017. Hosting travelers seeking out Icelandic culture, cuisine and most importantly, our pure and untouched nature, Icelandair Hotels perform an impressive resource utilization in reducing waste, using less water, increasing recycling, and offering an array of natural and organic products. Their service and dining options are nature friendly and play a large role in sustainability, delivering fresh local Icelandic ingredients in both food and beverages.

 Icelandair Hotels also strongly believe in the importance of informing their guests about environmental practices within their properties, as well as when the guests are out in nature, inviting them to practice green thinking. The employees are trained in encouraging guests to partake in environmentally friendly gestures without guilt-ing them or robbing them of luxury. They offer sustainable luxury so chic that one might not realize how nature friendly some of the offerings really are – and that is what true luxury really is today. There’s a deep caring thought process behind it.

Icelanders believe that everything in nature holds energy and, in a way, this connects us all. Although we still need electricity to see each other in the winter months, and to live a modern lifestyle, one of the green facts we are incredibly grateful for, and proud of, is the widespread use of hydropower and geothermal power plants to generate and provide Iceland’s electricity. This manifests into other eco-friendly choices. One choice always affects another.