Camp Kiattua is a luxury Inuit camp in Greenland. Kiattua, an Inuit word for “the warm place, “ is surrounded by stunning nature, deep in the majestic Nuuk Fjord. Only accessible by boat or helicopter, the camp is based on the ancient Inuit tradition of migrating to summer camps as soon as the winter loosens its grip on man and nature.

Tailored to the needs of travellers, this journey into the space of wellness and serenity is the ultimate getaway. After flying to Nuuk, private guides give a tour of the small capital. After culture comes the exhilaration: the 45-minute voyage to camp is taken on a speedy RIB safari boat. Camp Kiattua accommodates 12 guests in six tipi tents. It’s possible to book the whole camp, for added privacy, or individual tents. Despite being so secluded, the camp’s modern amenities and luxurious facilities bring wellness to the forefront. The tents are spacious, yet cosy, with ample space for two people. Each tent has private bathroom facilities, including a warm shower; two single or one double bed; a small table with chairs; and a wood-burning stove. The camp also has two sauna tents, an outdoor hot tub with melted glacial water, and a restaurant tent where a private chef serves delicious gourmet food prepared from local ingredients.

Every day is as fresh as the nature around the camp, and the privately guided tours come in all shapes and sizes with the option of creating bespoke experiences to suit every level of thrills. Guests can go fishing for Arctic char, accompanied by nomads who demonstrate some of the best fishing spots in the world. They can go for a helicopter trip to the edge of an ice cap, view amazing Norse ruins and learn about the Viking way of life. Kayaking among mighty icebergs is also very popular. The bravest can go swimming in the Arctic waters in survival suits. And getting to know the locals is as easy as visiting the settlement of Kapisillit, a village of 50 people, and having a cup of coffee in a local home.

Life at the camp is easy. After a day of adventure, rest awaits. It’s the perfect moment to share stories by the open fire in the communal tent and enjoy gourmet food and a glass of wine, local beer or the cleanest water nature can provide.

Camp Kiattua is a place to disconnect from the modern world and to reconnect with the essence of nature. The caring staff, luxurious surroundings and easy access to all sorts of adventures offer a rare glimpse of Greenland, the very exotic island of the north.


45 minutes by boat from Nuuk
Six luxury private tipis
Private bathroom facilities
Two sauna tents
A hot tub with glacial water
A restaurant tent with a private chef
A variety of adventurous guided day tours


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  • Kiattua Adventure Camp
  • Kiattua Adventure Camp